I work as a Scientists in the Production Biology department of the Aquaculture division.

My main interest is on understanding the molecular physiological mechanisms of phenotypic plasticity: how does the early life environment, such as temperature, oxygen, nutrition influence the phenotype (e.g. growth, disease resistance) later in life, and to apply this knowledge to improve aquaculture practices.

Linked to those early life stages, I work on fish reproductive physiology studying gametogenesis (egg and sperm development) and steroidogenesis (steroid hormone production) in various species, such as Atlantic salmon, lumpfish and cod.

I have a background in Biology (MSc, Leiden University, The Netherlands), integrating fish physiology, morphology and embryology.
During my PhD research (Leiden University), I studied the artificial reproduction of freshwater eels (Anguilla spp.), covering the disciplines of (eco)-physiology, reproductive biology and endocrinology, morphology, and molecular biology.

In 2014, I started my postdoctoral research at Nofima, working on the effects of environmental stress during early development as well as genetic background (selection for fast or slow growth) on muscle development and physiology, and growth in salmon and cod.

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