I am a research scientist in the Production Biology group at Nofima with background in population ecology, fish physiology, molecular biology and fish reproduction biology. During last six years I have been working with the topics related to the recirculating aquaculture systems and in recent years semi-closed and closed systems in the sea. My work is mainly related to the effects of water quality on fish welfare and performance, the environment and fish monitoring and equipment testing in close containment aquaculture facilities on land and in sea. I have been working closely with the industry to test on-line sensors for water quality monitoring and data logging in close containment systems and to investigate possible ways for real-time monitoring of fish behaviour.
I have participated in number of national projects in Norway and Serbia and several international bilateral and EU projects and I am a part of the Centre for Research-based Innovations in Controlled-environment Aquaculture (CtrlAQUA) financed by the Norwegian Research Council. I have been involved in organization of several national and international conferences and workshops.
I have BSc and MSc from the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, Serbia where I have been working with population biology of Danube sturgeons and where I was involved in establishment of the sturgeon aquaculture in Serbia. I have a PhD in developmental biology from the Faculty of Biology, University of Bergen, Norway where I have been working with several wrasse species. The title of my thesis was: “Multiple Teleost Vitellogenins: An Evolutionary and Functional Study”.
I speak fluent Serbian, English and Norwegian and basic Russian.

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