I work extensively with issues related to resource utilisation and sustainability in Norwegian salmon farming. My specialised focus is on how to utilise the feed resources used in the production of Norwegian salmon, the raw materials used and the impact of Norwegian salmon farming activities in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and phosphorus use.

I also work with issues related to environmentally-oriented farming in closed and semi-closed containment systems, with a particular focus on the optimization of farming conditions during the production of salmon which reach a weight of up to 1 kg in closed or semi-closed containment systems, and on how sludge from closed-containment systems can be utilised in biogas production and as plant fertilizer.
I am a qualified biologist from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology i Trondheim, with a specialization in general zoology and physiology.

I completed my PhD at UMB/Akvaforsk where I studied the pigmentation of salmonids focusing on factors that limit the utilization of the carotenoids added to fish feed. Environmental factors affecting digestibility and metabolism of the carotenoids and their impact on muscle retention are important factors that have an impact on the utilisation of the astaxanthin added to the feed.

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Nutrition and feed technology

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