The centre and its associated marine facility are designed for breeding cod, but also offer outstanding facilities for other types of trials with cod and other marine species.

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Nofima has been commissioned by the government to operate a national breeding programme for cod, the aim of which is to improve the production characteristics of cod in aquaculture. 

We offer:

  • A large number of tanks of different sizes
  • Advanced water treatment, including heating and cooling
  • Brood stock tanks with lighting control
  • Live feed (rotifers and artemia)
  • Automated initial feeding with the aid of a feeding robot
  • Laboratory and office facilities
  • Possibilities of performing trials with various marine species, including cod, lumpfish and spotted wolffish.
  • Experienced operating staff who can assist in performing trials

The onshore facility

The onshore facility, which is located on Kvaløya (15 km from the centre of Tromsø), has been built to produce the fry of marine species.

The facility has sufficient capacity to provide initial feeding for up to 300 groups of fry simultaneously. It is therefore particularly well suited to breeding and trials that require a large number of tank units.

The main tasks of the facility are to produce family groups of cod, which are marked and put out into cages for further growth, and to produce cod eggs for commercial hatcheries. The facility has developed streamlined production for these purposes, with good routines to ensure stable and predictable production.

The facility is particularly well suited to research into the early life stages of marine fish, covering areas such as feed, water quality, genetics, health and production records. More recently, the facility has also begun to be used for research into areas other than breeding and species other than cod.

The marine facility

The marine facility is located at Røsneshamn on Ringvassøya. This is a steel cage facility with integral service fleet.

Fish are kept in this facility from initial stocking until they become sexually mature after three years. The best fish are then selected to become the parents of the next generation and are brought back to the onshore facility.

The facility has been specially designed for breeding purposes. For hygienic reasons, to prevent infection, the facility is exclusively used for growing on cod from the onshore facility.

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