I am the Acting Research Director at the Department of Production Biology in the Aquaculture Division, and my office is located at Sunndalsøra.

I have worked at Akvaforsk/Nofima since 2001 and have a D.Sc from NTNU within the fields of behavioural ecology and ecotoxicology.

I have completed several external and internal management development courses and have experience serving as a member on boards/committees.

As a senior researcher, I have led major Norwegian and international projects, the most recent being the CtrlAQUA SFI (2015 – 2023), and the EU project FutureEUAqua (2018 – 2023).
My main areas of work as a senior researcher were welfare, welfare indicators and stress; mainly in salmon, but also in the cleaner fish species ballan wrasse and lumpfish.

I have had a special interest in welfare associated with different handling procedures of fish (crowding and pumping), and different production systems on land and at sea.

My research has been applied and in collaboration with industry, and the focus of the research has been to ensure that welfare is safeguarded through the use of different types of aquaculture technology.

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