I work in the field of molecular microbiology and have expertise in the application of molecular biological methods and bioinformatics. Research topics are foodborne pathogenic bacteria and spoilage bacteria, dynamics in bacterial communities, and the use of microorganisms for production of food proteins. Currently, I focus on three main topics:

Persistence and spread of Listeria monocytogenes in the food chain, including characterization of molecular mechanisms for survival (PathoSeq and FutureFoodControl).

Use of modern biotechnology to produce food, with a focus on the production of animal proteins using precision fermentation in yeast (Pichia pastoris) and the use of sidestreams from food industry in growth media (ARRIVAL and Precision).

Development of technologies for dynamic shelf life labeling of food, based on knowledge of growth of bacterial communities and spoilage bacteria in raw materials, processing environments, and products during storage (MICROORC).

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Food safety and quality

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