I have been involved in research for 10 years split evenly between basic research (M.Sc. and Ph.D. educations) and applied research (current position as a scientist at Nofima). Early in my career I focused on marine antimicrobial peptides in sea urchins and sea anemones, discovering and identifying them. Antimicrobial peptides are small proteins with the ability to disrupt microbial membranes.
In later years (since 2016) at Nofima the primary focus has been marine co-products which are all the products of marine biomass not currently considered valuable and not being part of the main product. The research consist of mapping out possible uses, investigating biochemical parameters, chemical treatment (enzymatical, analytical, filtration, drying etc.) and in certain cases commercial development.
Additionally, the scaling of bioprocesses is an important aspect of my current position. Scaling in this regard is the transition from working in a laboratory to working in a pilot-scale environment
I have always been a passionate science communicator and believe that the key to public support of science is understanding its necessary existence.

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Marine biotechnology

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