I am a researcher in the group Nutrition and Feed Technology, Aquaculture division. Have been at Nofima since 2012, with main tasks are project management within ingredient evaluation, feed formulation and production, and fish nutrition experiments.

I have a PhD within fish nutrition at Institute of Marine Research (IMR) and University of Bergen (2009), with main specialty within lipid nutrition and exploitation for use of novel lipid sources in feeds to Atlantic salmon. Lipid structure analysis, and in vitro models of hydrolysis and cell cultures, to study effect of processing and inclusion level of novel lipid resources. Have also Master from NIFES (2002 – 2003) within broodstock nutrition in halibut, and post doc position at IMR (2010 – 2012) within broodstock nutrition and endocrinology in Atlantic cod.
I am working with project related to development of angle bait for preferable longline fishing of cod, and thus nutrition related to feed attractants and consumption cod, also in salmon through the FeedApp/QMAR projects. Have also project related to microplast pollution on reproductive physiology in cod, and projects looking at relation between nutrition and sexual maturation in sea bass and salmon. Lately also worked more with lipids again, lipid structure analysis, and processing for increased utilization of lipidstructure (e.g. microalgae and BSFL lipids).

Current projects:
NFR: Plasticod (2016-2019) Digestion and maternal/paternal transfer of microplastic contaminants in Atlantic cod food web (partner with UIB)

BIA (2015-2018) Utvikling av et miljøvennlig alternativt agn for kommersielt linefiske (partner with IMR).

Development of anti-sealouse feed with Aller Aqua

R&D license broodstock nutrition (2020-2025)

Millennial Salmon (2021-2024) Sustainable salmon feed

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Nutrition and feed technology

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