In the Wolfhunger project we will study how sustainable ingredients from fishery sidestreams effects digestion, growth and health in on-growing wolffish.

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01. Aug 2023


31. Dec 2024

Funded by

Regionale forskningsfond (RFF)


Akvaplan-Niva, Nord Universitet, UiT Norges arktiske universitet, Skretting, Denvo, Wolffish, Amar Seafood and Råknes Gård Sjømat.

Project Manager(s):

André Sture Bogevik


Spotted wolffish have been a promising new marine species for farming since the 90s, and had an established production line supplying restaurant markets in the early 2000. However due to investment costs and unexpected losses the production of wolffish have been low until now.

Several companies are now investing in production of wolffish, and the need for R&D and adapted sustainable feeds for the species are requested.


Study effect of sustainable novel marine ingredient of digestion, growth and health in on-growing spotted wolffish, and advance knowledge about its intestinal anatomy and physiology.

How we work

Nofima will in collaboration with a Master student from UiT study intestinal anatomy and digestive physiology in on-growing spotted wolffish fed feeds with sustainable marine ingredients.