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At Nofima, we develop innovative technology to produce muscle-building proteins for food in a new, eco-friendly way using bioreactors instead of traditional livestock. 

We also conduct research into finding and using hitherto untapped raw materials for food, such as low-trophic marine resources – the small organisms in the sea. 

The sea is also a source of seaweed and kelp which, if properly developed, can provide sustainable value creation. 

In addition, we study how to replace environmentally-resilient raw materials with other raw materials, and still produce food of equivalent or even better value.

Centre for research based innovation (SFI)

The SFI research centres are The Norwegian research council’s long-term initiative in innovative and strategically important areas.

SFI Harvest will draw upon Norway’s leading position in the ocean and offshore sectors to develop technologies for sustainable harvesting and processing of underexploited species.

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