In this project we examine what opportunities and challenges e-commerce presents for Norwegian seafood businesses, and what requirements apply for products sold online.

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01. Jan 2019


31. Jan 2021

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Ingelinn Eskildsen Pleym

Online grocery shopping is estimated to account for 20 % of the total market by 2025, which amounts to 100 billion USD.

In some of the export markets for Norwegian seafood, online grocery shopping has become quite prevalent. South Korea is the world leader in online grocery shopping, with online sales accounting for 19.7% of the total market. In Japan and the United Kingdom, 7.5% of groceries are purchased online, whereas the figure for China is 6.2%.

With this trend there is reason to explore the opportunities that digital solutions can provide the Norwegian seafood industry in both new and existing markets. It is therefore important to examine the processes behind e-commerce in terms of logistics, regulations, quality requirements, packaging, consumer behaviour and market access. We also want to look into whether distribution through e-commerce can create opportunities for increased processing activities and value creation in Norway.

In this project we highlight the challenges and opportunities from both the demand and supply side.