I am a researcher at the Department of Seafood Industry at Nofima, Tromsø, and I have been working here since 2014. My research areas are related to processing, fillet production, shelf life, quality assessment of fish and fish products, and capture-based aquaculture. I have my Master’s degree in Seafood Science from the Norwegian College of Fishery Science (2014). In 2018, I completed a Ph.D. in natural science, with the thesis “Live-storage of wild mature cod (Gadus morhua L.) without feed supply. Effects on biological and quality properties”. My doctoral work goal was to increase knowledge of how long-term live-storage affects wild cod and products made from live-stored fish. I have several years of practical experience in the whitefish industry in Norway, in addition to education. I am currently working on several projects involving sustainable re-utilization of cleaner fish (lumpfish), the connection between capture, quality, and price of fish, as well as e-commerce of seafood.

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