I am a fish nutritionist and work as senior scientist at Nofima. My main research areas are fish nutrition and processing of marine ingredients. Scientific experience is related to developing and evaluation of new fish feed ingredients from fishh bones, and exploring of novel bioactive compounds with potential added value properties related to improved growth, health and quality of farmed fish. Research activities have included utilization of alternative feed ingredients, pigment utilization, mineral nutrition, process technology to improve mineral utilization from fish bone, and characterization of low-molecular watersoluble compounds, their bioactivity and beneficial use in feed for salmon.
I graduated as PhD candidate in fish nutrition at the University of Bergen (1994). I also have a Master of Science degree in fish nutrition from the University of Bergen (1988). Previous work experience is product developer and researcher in EWOS Innovation (1995-1997), researcher in SSF (1997-2002) and senior scientist in Fiskeriforskning (2002-2008) before the establishment of Nofima in 2008.

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Nutrition and feed technology

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