I am a qualified master sausage maker and food technician with experience in meat and fish production, and have several years’ experience as a deli section manager. I have previously served extensively as a judge in the national meat products competition, where I am currently head judge. I am also a member of the professional jury in the category of local specialty foods (spesialitet) for Stiftelsen Norsk Mat.

In my current work I focus on meat production from small to large-scale: from participation in EU projects/research to local food manufacturers all over the country. I teach classes on meat production, mince production and cured meat production processes from cutting to the finished product as well as on calculating the nutritional content in food.
I assist companies with the development of recipes and adaptation to new regulations and new equipment. I also provide them with insights into the impact of all processes on and ingredients in a product. I have an extensive professional network across meat companies, suppliers to the food industry and especially local artisanal food producers across the country.

In 2019, I received the Matmerk Foundation’s honorary award.

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Raw materials and process optimization

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