Published 2022

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Journal : Marine Policy , vol. 143 , p. 1–8–7 , 2022

Publisher : Elsevier

International Standard Numbers :
Printed : 0308-597X
Electronic : 1872-9460

Publication type : Academic article

Contributors : Sogn-Grundvåg, Geir; Hermansen, Øystein

Research areas

Capture fisheries

Economy and profitability

Resource management

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Kjetil Aune
Chief Librarian


In the important coastal fishery for Atlantic cod in Norway quality-based pricing is largely absent. Thus, driven by a focus on fish quantity, not quality, a high share of downgraded fish is landed. This study identified some encouraging exceptions with actors trying to align incentives and increase revenues in both fishing and processing. More specifically, we examine two cases involving quality-enhancing fishing and find indications of substantial improvements in fish quality and importantly, that this is rewarded with higher prices. In a revenue-sharing arrangement with a focus on high quality fish delivered outside of the main season, fishers obtain approximately 50 % higher prices than comparable vessels fishing with the same gear in the same period. In the other case, fishers’ “skip” the Norwegian ex-vessel market and sell their high-quality cod catches at Danish auctions at significantly higher prices than comparable vessels fishing in the same area and delivering in South Norway. The cases may guide fishers and fish buyers in increasing revenues through quality-enhancing fishing but also involve important dilemmas for policymakers which are highlighted and discussed.


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