Published 2021

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Journal : Foods , vol. 10 , p. 23 , 2021

Publisher : MDPI

International Standard Numbers :
Printed : 2304-8158
Electronic : 2304-8158

Publication type : Academic article

Contributors : Lian, Federico; De Conto, Enrico; Del Grippo, Vincenzo; Harrison, Sabine M.; Fagan, John; Lyng, James G.; Brunton, Nigel P.

Issue : 5

Research areas

Food processing technologies

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Kjetil Aune
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High-pressure processing (HPP) in a large-scale industrial unit was explored as a means for producing added-value claw meat products from edible crab (Cancer pagurus). Quality attributes were comparatively evaluated on the meat extracted from pressurized (300 MPa/2 min, 300 MPa/4 min, 500 MPa/2 min) or cooked (92 °C/15 min) chelipeds (i.e., the limb bearing the claw), before and after a thermal in-pack pasteurization (F9010 = 10). Satisfactory meat detachment from the shell was achieved due to HPP-induced cold protein denaturation. Compared to cooked or cooked–pasteurized counterparts, pressurized claws showed significantly higher yield (p


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