I started as a Senior Scientist at Nofima in 2022, in the Department of Sensory and Consumer Sciences. Here, I make use of my background in cognitive psychology, and my interest for the senses and perception, in research on food experiences and consumer behaviour. I have extensive experience with interdisciplinary research, including projects that cross the domains of computer science, media studies, and health sciences. The interplay between humans and technology stands at the center of this intersection, for instance how the perceptual system integrates sensory signals in virtual environments, or how adolescents relate to personalized media that adapt to their use patterns.
Food plays an important, but often neglected, role in the interplay between humans and digital technology. Consumers of all ages use digital media for food inspiration, and it is not uncommon to have a meal or a snack in front of a screen. Food habits established early in life take part in shaping how we relate to food as adults, which makes it particularly important to understand the interplay between, children, digital devices, and food. Together with a team of researchers at Nofima, I take part in an ongoing EU project where we investigate the association between children’s digital maturity and their decision-making processes related to food.

In addition to my research, I have worked as a study program coordinator and lecturer, and I have taught courses such as cognitive psychology, social psychology, multisensory perception, consumer behaviour, research methods, and ethics.

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Innovation, consumer and sensory sciences

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