Published 2023

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Journal : Journal of the World Aquaculture Society , vol. 54 , p. 251–342 , 2023

Publisher : Blackwell Publishing

International Standard Numbers :
Printed : 0893-8849
Electronic : 1749-7345

Publication type : Academic literature review

Contributors : Troell, Max; Costa-Pierce, Barry A.; Stead, Selina; Cottrell, Richard S.; Brugere, Cecilie; Farmery, Anna K; Little, David C.; Strand, Åsa; Pullin, Roger; Soto, Doris; Beveridge, Malcolm; Salie, Khalid; Dresdner, Jorge; Moraes-Valenti, Patricia; Blanchard, Julia; James, Philip John; Yossa, Rodrique; Allison, Edward H; Devaney, Christopher; Barg, Uwe

Issue : 2

Research areas

Farmed fish


Societal impact

Food systems

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