Published 2023

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Journal : International Journal of Food Design , vol. 9 , p. 101–128–27 , 2023

Publisher : Intellect Ltd.

International Standard Numbers :
Printed : 2056-6522
Electronic : 2056-6530

Publication type : Academic article

Contributors : Gonera, Antje; Milford, Anna Birgitte; Prexl, Katja-Maria; Romm, Jonathan; Berget, Ingunn; Varela-Tomasco, Paula

Issue : 1

Research areas

Innovation research

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A more plant-based diet will contribute to food sustainability. Achieving this change requires collaboration across disciplines which is not easy to achieve. This article illustrates how interdisciplinary collaboration in a large research project can be facilitated through a design-led innovation process juxtaposing approaches from design and science. Consumer insights were used in creative workshops to ideate and develop packaging and product concepts for plant-based food focusing on ‘environment’, ‘health’ and ‘Norwegian’ design imperatives. Learning loops of alignment – creation – feedback were applied to design and test six packaging prototypes of two product categories (Pea Porridge, Faba Bean Drink). Qualitative feedback was collected from 147 consumers and a quantitative survey with 1102 Norwegian consumers tested product expected liking and product-concept match. Younger consumers and users of plant-based products exhibited a higher expected liking vs. non-users and older respondents. Packaging design adopted for specific consumer segments can positively contribute to a shift to more plant-based diets. We show how a dynamic interdisciplinary innovation approach can be powerful to creating new product ideas, getting consumers’ input and fostering collaboration and learning among disciplines. We offer other researchers and the food industry actionable opportunity areas and design imperatives for their innovation activities around plant-based food.


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