The DeList project will investigate possible preventive measures for decontamination of salmon and trout in order to reduce the prevalence of listeria.

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01. Feb 2023


31. Jan 2025

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FHF - Norwegian Seafood Research Fund


Several studies in recent years show findings of Listeria monocytogenes in up to 10% of Norwegian salmon slaughterhouses and processing plants. Discoveries are often made in the environment and on equipment, but there has been a low prevalence on fish, fillets and fish products in general, including salmon and trout. Listeria is nevertheless a challenge for the industry, as it can have major consequences.

The discovery of listeria in seafood products has led to a number of product recalls in recent years. In addition to possible consumer exposure to listeria, the recall of products due to listeria will also be a financial burden for those affected, and it may also lead to increased food waste if these products have to be thrown away/destroyed.

Measures can and should be taken at various levels to minimise the spread of listeria in the salmon and trout industry. This project will test (preventive) decontamination measures that generally reduce the bacterial flora, including listeria with 0.5 to 2 log units (30–99 %), and investigate methods for decontamination of salmon and trout and their products when listeria prevalence is confirmed. Products intended for human consumption must be decontaminated in processes that ensure high listeria inactivation. 

There are several methods and technologies for decontamination of salmon and trout and their products, which can result in more than 5-log (>99.999%) inactivation of listeria.

The results will provide knowledge about decontamination methods and technologies that kill and inhibit listeria in salmon and trout and their products.

Main objective

The main objective of the project is to investigate the separate or combined effect and suitability of different methods and technologies for decontamination of salmon and trout and fish products (of these) with listeria.

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