I am Senior Scientist in Innovation Management in the Innovation, consumer and sensory sciences department at Nofima. My research interests focus on strategic and organizational changes associated with innovation adoption within agri-food companies, value chain and systems. I am passionate for exploring the bio- and circular economy context and I am particularly eager to investigate the implementation process of those innovations aimed at fostering the sustainability transition of the agri-food industry, including bottlenecks, success factors and challenges associated. Research activities have included innovation drivers, cross-industry and open innovation, the emergence of novel value chains, the redesign of business models towards circular and sustainable patterns, and the development of technological innovation systems. I have also contributed to research on systems thinking and consumer behaviour connected with innovation acceptance.
I obtained a PhD in Innovation Technologies for agri-food and environmental sciences at the University of Milan (Italy) in 2009, after having graduated with a MSc in Food Sciences and Technologies at the same university. During my research career I was post doc at the University of Milan (2010-2015), researcher at the University of Bonn (Germany, 2015-2019), Associate Professor at the Lille Catholic University (France, 2019-2021), before joining Nofima in September 2021.

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Innovation, consumer and sensory sciences

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