The overall aim of the project is staff exchange and cooperation to foster bridging the gap between research and industry.

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01. Jan 2019


30. Jun 2024

Funded by

EU - Horizon 2020

Project Manager(s):

Antje Gonera

Other Participants:

Laura Carraresi

The project aims to explore mechanisms, such as stakeholder engagement and co-creation processes, to facilitate the development and adoption of innovations that address current and future societal needs.


The project is based on staff exchange to acquire and transfer knowledge. Secondments have been stopped due to the pandemic and will start again in January 2022. A book on the project has been published in 2021.


Numerous mechanisms – such as stakeholder engagement and co-creation processes – can assist in creating framework conditions to foster the development and adoption of novelties that address current and future societal needs but face difficulties to be implemented due to the gap between research and industry, differences in the knowledge bases, and networking challenges.

The project addresses the issue of knowledge acquisition and transfer between the domains of research and industry in four specific contemporary settings (i.e. FinTech, Industry 4.0, CleanTech, and FoodTech ).


Through staff exchange secondment periods the project seeks to equip researchers and practitioners with actionable knowledge to support their research and innovation journeys.

This will foster Research Translation, University-Industry Cooperation and more broadly, increase the adoption of Open Innovation practices.  

How we work

It is a staff exchange program. Researchers should visit industry premises and practitioners from the industry should visit universities and/or research institutions. Each researcher can exploit his/her own competencies choosing an appropriate institution for the secondment, and at the same time explore and acquire new knowledge helpful for the own research path.