Published 2022

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Pages : 407–437

Year : 2022

Publication type : Academic chapter/article/Conference paper

Contributors : Leon, Raquel; Hernandez, Abian; Fabelo, Himar; Ortega Sarmiento, Samuel; Francisco, Balea-Fernandez; Callicó, Gustavo

Part of : Short-Wavelength Infrared Windows for Biomedical Applications ( SPIE - The International Society for Optics and Photonics , 2022 )

Year : 2022

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An increase in life expectancy is correlated with an increase in the number of people affected by neurocognitive disorders (NCDs), causing major dependency and disability among the older adult population. Additionally, NCDs are not a natural or unavoidable outcome of aging. These types of disorders are a rapidly growing public health problem with nearly 10 million new cases every year, affecting over 50 million people worldwide in 2019. The most common form of NCD is Alzheimer’s disease (AD), accounting for 60% to 70% of NCD cases.


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