PROGRESS is a strategic internal project of the institute that aims to investigate the epigenetic programming resulting from low oxygen stress during early development and how this influences the robustness of salmon.

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01. Jan 2017


31. Dec 2020

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AquaGen, University of Tromsø (Norway), University of Melbourne (Australia)

Environmental stress during early development can negatively affect later development, growth and behaviour in animals, including fish. Currently, there is still little insight regarding the underlying epigenetic mechanisms in salmon, but this knowledge can potentially have a large impact on future aquaculture production.

In this project, we will evaluate the effects from low oxygen treatments during early life stages on growth, hypoosmoregulatory capacity, survival, disease resistance, stress coping, and immunity in later life. Further, we utilise new genomic tools to map the underlying mechanisms causing the epigenetic effects and to develop tests that can be used to predict performance and robustness later in life.