DigiFoods started at the end of 2020 and has now been running for three years.

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Wenche Aale Hægermark  

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The centre is organized in four main activities (pillars) including

  • 1. sensor development,
  • 2. integration of sensors and robotics,
  • 3. in-line implementation and testing, and
  • 4. utilization of large-scale sensor data from foods.

In 2023 we saw that this organization clearly works as intended. New sensors developed in one pillar were incorporated in the research in other pillars. Novel in-line methods developed earlier years, were adapted, and used to collect large-scale quality data for process understanding and improvement.

This kind of progress is very motivating and illustrates the added value of being a center rather than several stand-alone projects. It gives us the opportunity to think and act long-term and interdisciplinary.

2023 was a good year for DigiFoods. You can read about our achievement in DigiFoods Annual Report 2023.

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