I work as a research scientist at Nofima, as part of the Microbiology group in the departmenf of Food safety and quality.

My main research field is centered around the production of future food ingredients with the help of useful microorganisms. Among the methodology we apply are advanced molecular biology techniques, precision fermentation and proteomics. I am very interested in the topic of circular bioeconomy and have professional experience within this field, mainly focusing on the valorization of sidestreams from the food and feed industry (moving away from the concept of “byproducts” and towards “plus products”).

My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary medicine and a PhD in Industrial Biotechnology and Microbiology (Universidad de León, Spain, 2018). During my PhD and postdoctoral research, I worked with bioprospecting, recombinant protein production, proteomics, MS-based metabolomics and enzymatic valorization of plant-based sidestreams.
I am always looking for new possible collaborations and currently work in projects involving other microbiologists and biochemists, as well as industrial partners from the Norwegian food industry.

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Food safety and quality

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