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Published 2007

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Publication details

Pages : 101–119–19

Year : 2007

Publication type : Academic chapter/article/Conference paper

Contributors : Stefansson, Sigurd; Bæverfjord, Grete; Nigel Finn, R; Finstad, Bengt; Fivelstad, Sveinung; Handeland, Sigurd O.; Kristensen, Torstein; Thomassen, Magny Skinlo; Kroglund, Frode; Rosseland, Bjørn Olav; Rosten, Trond; Salbu, Brit; Toften, Hilde; Gudding, Roar; Norberg, Birgitta; Jørgensen, Leif

Part of : Aquaculture research: From Cage to Consumption ( Norges forskningsråd , 2007 )

Year : 2007

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