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I am Research Director for the department Production biology within the Aquaculture Division. My education is from the University of Tromsø (UiT), and I hold a PhD in fish physiology/ aquaculture from 1997. Until 2011 I was a scientist/ senior scientist working mainly with aquaculture research. My work focuses on how the environment (especially water quality) and feed additions effects biological development, feed intake, growth, health and welfare of different fish species. The goal has always been to optimize the farming conditions based on knowledge about the biology and environmental tolerance of the studied species. I have worked mostly with species as salmon, but I have also worked with artic charr, cod, halibut, wolfish and sea bass.
In addition, I have worked industry development and cultivation of spiny cockles and sea urchins. I have project leader education from UiT and project leader experience from many projects, both national projects from the Norwegian Research Council and international EU projects. I also have experience from board work, both at Fiskeriforskning and Nofima, Aquaculture program and FORNY program in the Norwegian Research Council, Aquaculture Research Station in Tromsø and European Aquaculture Society.

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Production biology

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