I am a senior scientist in the Department of Production Biology. I have a PhD from the University of Tromsø (UiT) from 1997.

My research has largely focused on how environmental conditions affect biological development, appetite, growth, health, and welfare in different aquaculture species. The aim has always been to optimize the farming conditions based on knowledge of the individual species’ biology and tolerance to the environment. I have worked mostly with salmon and cod, but I have also worked with Arctic char, halibut, catfish, and sea bass.

I have extensive experience from management and administration of projects and as Research Director for the Production Biology department (2011-2023). I also have project management training from UiT and management courses at AFF and internally at Nofima.
Alongside my research work, I have experience from board work, both in Fiskeriforskning AS and Nofima AS, the Aquaculture Program and the FORNY Program in the Research Council of Norway, the Aquaculture Station in Tromsø and the European Aquaculture Society.

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Production biology

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