This annual report marks the end of eight years of research and innovation in CtrlAQUA SFI – a Centre for Research-Based Innovation in closed-containment aquaculture.

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Reidun Lilleholt Kraugerud  

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“I believe that a lot of development has taken place during the eight years that the Centre has worked on the topic. The development of RAS and semi-closed systems has made significant improvements, both regarding technological development and how fish perform and cope in the systems”, says Åsa Espmark, Centre Director.

“We hope and believe that CtrlAQUA outputs are part of the positive development. We have also addressed serious knowledge gaps that need to be dealt with in the coming years”, she adds.

In this report you can read summaries of the research activity in 2022, about the three students who defended their theses, and an interview with Trond Rosten, the Chair of the board.

In the interview with Rosten, you can read about what he thinks about the status of closed containment systems and how CtrlAQUA has contributed. He will reflect on CtrlAQUA’s progress and how he considers the aquaculture future might look like.

Read the annual report here (high resolution PDF)

Facts about CtrlAQUA

  • Funded 50% by the Research Council of Norway and 50% by partners
  • Led by Åsa Espmark at Nofima
  • Chairperson of the Board was Trond W. Rosten from the aquaculture company Mowi.
  • 21 partners from R&D, technology companies, aquaculture companies, and pharmacy
  • More info about the centre is at