I completed my PhD from Wageningen University, the Netherlands with dissertation entitled “Genetic control and variation in turkey: molecular insights in selection”.

After PhD I did two postdocs, one from OSU, USA on Aquaculture genomics where I worked on fresh water fish species for the development of genomics resources using RAD-Seq. The 2nd postdoc was at NUS, Singapore where I mapped loci for eyespot number variation in wild vs. mutant B. anynana populations using 2d-RAD-Seq approach, and re-assembled the genome of B. annynana with significant improvement using Illumina and PacBio sequence data.

Currently at Nofima, I am contributing in different projects on marine and fresh water fish species.
In short, from the last 4 years I had been mostly working on genomics, molecular genetics, bioinformatics and quantitative genetics with effort of searching answer to scientific biological questions, and hope of contributing in improvement of available knowledge with applied perspectives.

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