Published 2012

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Pages : 333–366

Year : 2012

Publication type : Academic chapter/article/Conference paper

Contributors : Pla, Maria; Nadal, Anna; Baeten, V.; Bahrdt, C.; Berben, Gilbert; Bertheau, Yves; Coll, Anna; van Dijk, Jeroen P.; Dobnik, D.; Fernandez Pierna, J.A.; Gruden, Kristina; Hamels, Sandrine; Holck, Askild lorentz; Holst-Jensen, Arne ; Janssen, Eric; Kok, Esther J.; La Paz, J.L.; laval, valerie; Leimanis, Serge; Malcevschi, A.; Marmiroli, Nelson; Morisset, Dany; Prins, Theo W.; Remacle, Jose; Ujhelyi, G.; Wulff, Doerte

Part of : Genetically Modified and Non-Genetically Modified Food Supply Chains. Co-Existence and Traceability ( Wiley-Blackwell , 2012 )

Year : 2012

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