Published 2006

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Journal : American Journal of Agricultural Economics , vol. 88 , p. 1050–1061–12 , 2006

Publisher : Oxford University Press

International Standard Numbers :
Printed : 0002-9092
Electronic : 1467-8276

Publication type : Academic article

Contributors : Alfnes, Frode; Guttormsen, Atle G.; Steine, Gro; Kolstad, Kari

Issue : 4

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In most retail markets, sellers post the price and consumers choose which products to buy. We designed an experimental market with posted prices to investigate consumers' willingness to pay for the color of salmon. Salmon fillets varying in color and price were displayed in twenty choice scenarios. In each scenario, the participants chose which of two salmon fillets they wanted to buy. To induce real economic incentives, each participant drew one binding scenario; the participants then had to buy the salmon fillet they had chosen in their binding scenario. The choice data were analyzed with a mixed logit model.