Published 2003

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Journal : Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems , vol. 66 , p. 175–190–16 , 2003

Publisher : Elsevier

International Standard Numbers :
Printed : 0169-7439
Electronic : 1873-3239

Publication type : Academic article

Contributors : Næs, Tormod; Egelandsdal, Bjørg; Dingstad, Bjørg

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Mixture designs and corresponding analysis techniques are of considerable importance in food science and industry. The present paper presents a case study where two mixtures are combined, in a way very similar to how mixture and factorial designs are combined in mixture-process situations. This special type of extension will here be referred to as a crossed mixture experiment. The case study is based on data from a project devoted to obtaining better understanding of the relative influence of the quantity and source of the biochemical components in sausages.