Published 2001

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Journal : Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology , vol. 10 , p. 65–76–12 , 2001

Publisher : Haworth Press

International Standard Numbers :
Printed : 1049-8850
Electronic : 1547-0636

Publication type : Academic article

Contributors : Østerlie, Marianne; Bjerkeng, Bjørn; Karlsen, Hanne; Storrø, Hanne Marie

Issue : 4

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Kjetil Aune
Chief Librarian


The feasibility of adding astaxanthin as a source of red color directly during processing of rainbow trout pastes was evaluated. The effect of red coloration and astaxanthin concentration (< 35 mg kg-1) on salmon flavor intensity was assessed by flavor ranking, paired comparison and duotriotests by a semitrained panel, using ordinary white light and red illumination. Effects of added astaxanthin level were not consistent. Flavor ranking of pastes with five different astaxanthin concentrations indicated a U-shaped relationship between flavor intensity and astaxanthin concentration. Paired comparison in white light indicated highest salmon flavor in pastes without added astaxanthin. A second flavor ranking and duotrio tests indicated no significant effects of astaxanthin content. The results suggest that astaxanthin may be added during processing of pastes without negatively affecting product flavor.