These are ranked in Stanford study of the world's top 2% scientists.

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In the autumn of 2020, researchers at Stanford University published a ranking of the world’s two percent most influential researchers in all fields. The ranking assesses influence based on citations throughout a researcher’s career.

The list contains a total of 160,000 people. Ten of these are, or have been, scientists at Nofima.

  • Trygve Gjedrem, breeding and genetics
  • Paula Varela, consumer and sensory sciences
  • Tormod Næs, raw materials and process optimisation
  • Bjarne Gjerde, breeding and genetics
  • Lars Axelsson, food safety and quality
  • Anna K. Sonesson, breeding and genetics
  • Jens Petter Wold, raw materials and process optimisation
  • Asbjørn Gilberg, marine biotechnology
  • Erland Austreng, aquaculture division
  • Grete Skrede, food division

Two additional Nofima scientists are mentioned in the ranking for most citations in 2019. These are:

  • Solveig Langsrud, food safety and quality
  • Kathryn E. Anderssen (tidl. Washburn), seafood industry


“That so many current and former Nofima scientists are on this list says something about the impact of our research. Through close collaboration with the food industry, we turn knowledge into new and sustainable food products and methods,” says Nofima CEO Øyvind Fylling-Jensen.

The Stanford study uses data from the Scopus citation database, which contains over 8 million names, and utilises composite citation indicatiors, including number of citations, H-index and co-authorship. The list ranks the top 2% most cited researchers in 22 different disciplines and 174 subject areas.

The study was published in the journal PLOS Biology (2020). The list of researchers can be found here.

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