I am a PhD-student in the department of Processing Technology in collaboration with Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The PhD is a part of the SusKelpFood-project where I am working on the processing of kelp. I will be studying how innovative processing methods such as pulsed electric fields (PEF), ultrasound and microwaves can be used in combination with more established methods such as blanching, fermenting and drying to produce a safe and nutritious raw material for food production.
I have a master’s degree in chemical engineering with a specialisation in biotechnology from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), where I wrote my master’s thesis on the composition of the drip loss from thawing of frozen Saccharina latissima and Alaria esculenta. I also have experience from the salmon farming industry and with microbiology through my previous position as laboratory manager at the internal microbiological laboratory at a salmon processing plant.

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