I work as a senior engineer at the Aquaculture Division in the Akvalab Department in Tromsø. I have worked at Nofima since 2016 at the laboratories in both Ås and Tromsø. The main focus of my work is laboratory analyses on the assessment of fish health. I work closely with my colleagues towards our common goal of improving fish welfare and helping to develop even healthier food.
In the laboratory, I work with various cell biology and molecular biology methods, including RNA and DNA extraction of tissue samples from salmon, cod, king crab and lumpfish, with subsequent assays that include qPCR gene assays or various bioassays.
We have recently started using CRISPR technology, where we work with both salmon and cod at our research sites. I am also working on microscopy of intestinal samples to assess gut health. During the years I have worked at Nofima in Ås, my main responsibility was the primary cell lab in the Food Science Division.

My daily responsibilities are highly varied, with laboratory work in relation to various projects, purchasing lab supplies, maintenance of instruments and fieldwork.

I received my education as a bioengineer in Trondheim and Bergen, with a master’s degree in medical cell biology. I have previously worked in hospital laboratories in the fields of medical microbiology and medical biochemistry, where I employed flow cytometry, qPCR and biochemical analysis methods for medical diagnostics.

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