I am a senior researcher in the research department of nutrition and feed technology in Bergen. The fish in today’s farming face many challenges and nutrition must adapt to the fish’s health and welfare, but not at the expense of the environment. Sustainable feed, better digestibility and less emissions are a ‘win-win’ for both farming and the environment, a societal goal that I aim in contributing to.

I have a PhD in fish nutrition from Wageningen University, the Netherlands and AgroParisTech / INRA, France. My main interest and expertise is in mineral nutrition in relation to mineral needs, health and the environment. In addition, nutritional physiology fascinated me to study the relation between digestive physiology and osmoregulation, new marine raw materials for the sustainable development of feed, influence on the quantity and quality of faeces due to feed. I also have education and experience in feed technology, which i wish to learn more about at Nofima.

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Nutrition and feed technology

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