I work as a research fellow in the Department of Industrial Economics. My PhD is linked to SFI Harvest, an interdisciplinary project which aims to develop knowledge and technology for sustainable development of the biomarine industry, based on low-trophic marine resources.

My PhD research is focused on developing a model for assessing the sustainability of the entire value chain from harvest to the end product for low-trophic marine resources. My aim is to develop a quantitative support tool for decision-making for the copepod value chain, and thereby contribute to the evaluation of alternative management mechanisms for this resource.
I have an interdisciplinary background in biology and fisheries management. I have a master’s degree in biology and ecology from the University of Tromsø and a master’s degree in aquaculture from Nord University, with a focus on nutrition and fish feed. I have worked in the Directorate of Fisheries for 15 years with both control and regulatory frameworks.

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