Published 2021

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Publisher : Nofima AS

International Standard Numbers :
Printed : 978-82-8296-682-5

Publication type : Nofima’s reports

Contributors : Roth, Bjørn

Series : Nofima rapportserie 19/2021

Year : 2021

Research areas

Farmed fish

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Kjetil Aune
Chief Librarian


An electrical dry stunner for lumpfish was evaluated on a commercial slaughter facility for salmon. In addition to lumpfish, saith and small salmon were also used by the same system. Electrical settings were 120 and 220 V and the fish was exposed to 9 and 3 seconds of electricity. Modifications done for feeding the fish into the system and electrodes ensured efficient conditions for applying electricity to the animal. Of all fish evaluated none were concious prior to mincing. We conclude that dry stunning using 220 V, 50 Hz in combination with a mincer is an efficient humane way for stunning and killing cleanerfish and outsorted gadoid and salmonid species.


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