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Published 2021

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Publication details

Publisher : Nofima AS

International Standard Numbers :
Printed : 978-82-8296-693-1

Publication type : Nofima’s reports

Contributors : Krakeli, Tor-Arne

Series : Nofima rapportserie 30/2021

Year : 2021


The Karl Fischer Titrator ‘DL38’ from the producer Metler Toledo has been in use for several years, but it can no longer be repaired because of a lack of spare parts.
After av validation with test of accuracy and precision the new Karl Fischer Titrator ‘915 KF Ti-Touch’ from Metrohm is approved as a replacement for the older ‘DL38’. The new Titrator is approved for accredited analyses in the method ‘BIOLAB A 13 Vann i Olje, Karl Fischer’.