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Published 2011

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Publication details

Publisher : Nofima AS

International Standard Numbers :
Printed : 978-82-7251-907-9

Publication type : Report

Contributors : van Nes, Solveig; Johansen, Lill Heidi; Gjerde, Bjarne; Skugor, Stanko; Ødegård, Jørgen

Series : Nofima rapportserie 34/2011

Year : 2011


The report entails a critical review of the factual basis(*) concerning interactions between farmed and wild salmonids as it applies to salmon lice, with specific relevance to Norway.
The summary is in accordance with the report roughly divided into three main areas:
i) Population dynamics; various factors that affect stocks of wild (anadromous) salmonids
ii) Evaluation of the current knowledge concerning salmon lice; about occurrence of salmon lice, vectors and dispersion models
iii) Evaluation of the current knowledge concerning status reporting that forms the basis for decision makers / the management of wild salmonid stocks.

*This report is a translation of the report published in Norwegian in April 2011. Hence, studies performed and published after April 2011 are not included in this review.