I am a qualified veterinarian and studied at the old Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. In 2003, I wrote my thesis on skeletal deformities in salmon at Akvaforsk Sunndalsøra, which later became part of Nofima.

After completing my education, I was employed to develop the X-ray diagnostic departments at Sunndal and Averøy, and worked on deformity diagnostics and projects.

During the period of 2009-2022, I have worked within the field of salmon farming and as a practicing veterinarian, before returning to deformity diagnostics this year.

My background as a veterinarian is useful in terms of gaining a full overview of things and identifying relationships, and in terms of working with different types of diagnostics. Since I started doing this type of work again, I have focused a lot on nephrocalcinosis diagnostics and ultrasound, in addition to various types of X-rays.

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Nutrition and feed technology

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