I work as Research Director at the Marine Biotechnology department.

Our main focus is to identify and develop high value components from marine raw materials. With an increased focus on circular economy and complete utilisation of all harvested resources, we are particularly interested in researching sidestream raw materials. Marine raw materials have bioactive constituents with many possible uses, such as enzymes for use in industrial processes, and components that can be utilised within the fields of health and nutrition. Therefore, we often work closely with industry partners in our projects.
I personally feel that regional value creation is important and have a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. Previously, my work has involved research and development within life sciences, health and nutrition.

The innovation initiatives I have been involved in have been interdisciplinary and included elements such as product documentation, regulatory processes and market positioning.
I have a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of Tromsø.

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Marine biotechnology

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