Nofima is this year’s organiser of the Scandinavian Symposium on Chemometrics - Chemometrics in action. The conference ends on Thursday and involves 122 participants from 23 countries.

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Chemometrics is a field of study that uses mathematical and statistical methods, so-called multivariate data analysis, to gain a better understanding of chemical data.

Latest news

“Presentations of the latest news from research and application in spectroscopy, modelling, multivariate methods and technologies, machine learning and deep learning have been well received and the number of participants this year is higher than it has been for a long time”, says Nofima researcher Tormod Næs. He is the prime mover behind this year’s conference.

Rasmus Bro was one of the many people who participated. He is a professor at the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen.

– This conference is an important place, you get a great chance to keep updated and to maintain and develop your professional network, says Professor Rasmus Bro at University of Copenhagen

“This conference is an important place where I can keep myself professionally updated and also meet with peers. Everyone attends and I get to meet both familiar and new faces. This is an important place to be in terms of maintaining and establishing contacts. Regarding the lectures, I am especially looking forward to hearing about what new opportunities machine learning will provide in relation to the fields of chemometrics and spectroscopy”, says Rasmus Bro.

Young and promising

New at this year’s conference is a special session with a presentation of exciting doctoral projects. This has helped to attract numerous promising research fellows.

One of them is George Stavropolous, who is in his second year of a Ph.D at Maastricht University. The goal is to develop methods that will make it possible to improve the prediction of Crohn’s disease. Basically, he is trying to identify biomarkers from exhaled breath that may indicate symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

Food and medicine

– I looking forward to increase my knowledge regarding new methods in the field of multiblock analysis and how chemometrics can benefit even more from Deep learning, says Age Smilde, Professor for Biosystems Data Analysis group ved University of Amsterdam

The conference gathers participants from several fields of expertise, especially the fields of food, pharmacy and medicine. Age Smilde, a professor at the Biosystems Data Analysis Group at the University of Amsterdam, specialises in chemometrics, spectroscopy and metabolomics.

“I am here to keep track of what is happening in chemometrics and of course to maintain and develop my network. I am really looking forward to increasing my knowledge regarding new methods in the field of multiblock analysis and how chemometrics can benefit even more from Deep learning”, says Age Smilde.

Chemometrics and multivariate data analysis are very relevant within a wide range of fields, from medicine to process control. A wide range of fields of application will be presented at the conference.

A mainstay at Nofima

“Chemometrics and analysing complex data have been mainstays at Nofima for many decades. That is why it is such a pleasure to host this conference that gathers the best researchers within this field of expertise. The conference shows just how important multivariate data analysis is in our digital world, and research within this field will be a prerequisite regarding the success of robotisation and the digitalisation of food production”, concludes research director  Ragni Ofstad at Nofima.

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