Anna Sonesson is the new Research Director for the Breeding and Genetics Division at Nofima.

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She comes from the position of Senior Researcher in the same division.

“I am very pleased that Anna has agreed to lead our breeding and genetics research going forward,” says Bente Torstensen, Division Director in Nofima.

Anna Sonesson is 49, has a PhD in breeding and genetics from Wageningen University, and has worked at Nofima in Ås, Norway, since 2002.

“I look forward to leading a very competent division in a field that is important for driving aquaculture forward, and to continue working with the people in my network in Norway and internationally,” says Sonesson.

The Breeding and Genetics Division conducts research and provides services for the development and operation of breeding programmes for aquaculture where the use of genomic information plays a central role. The Division applies its expertise in quantitative genetics and genomics to practical breeding programmes, nationally and internationally. In addition, they work to understand the consequences of interaction between farmed and wild populations. The Breeding and Genetics Department has 11 researchers from eight countries.

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