I work in the Production Biology department within Nofima’s Aquaculture division. My research interest lies primarily in understanding and optimizing the interaction between fish and production systems.

Fish physiology, health, welfare and growth assessment in different production conditions is an important area of my research. Here, I have worked with several aquaculture species including rainbow trout, turbot, Nile tilapia and Atlantic salmon. Recent research includes improvement of Atlantic salmon post-smolt in RAS, within the CtrlAQUA SFI.

Recirculating aquaculture systems are another central part of my research. Here I focus on water quality assessment, including the accumulation of several metabolites (e.g. TAN, CO2, hormones, particles), nutrient mass balances and, system unit (e.g. biofilter, degasser) removal efficiencies.
Education: Aquaculture PhD, Wageningen University, The Netherlands; Aquaculture and Fisheries MSc, University of Algarve, Portugal; Biology BSc, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

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