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I am a Senior Research Scientist in the research group for Fiber and Health. In the research group we study how milling fractions of grain before and after processing effects digestibility of starch both in vitro and in vivo. We have established milling systems for milling and fractionation/concentration of grain parts such as hull, aleurone layer, germ and endosperm and the main grain components such as fiber ????glucan), protein and starch. This makes us able compose recipes for cereal products with a proper health profile eg. high fiber content or with a confirmed health claim. In our process hall, we can study effects of processing on grain parts and health components and the impact of processing on consumer acceptance and digestibility of starch. The aim of the research is to produce cereal producs with a high content of fiber that has good taste and at the same time have a beneficial effect on starch digestion..
We also study how cereal products high in fiber before and after processing affects microbiota in the large colon. In addition, we are also studying the bioaccessibility of fiber passenger molecules such as phenolic compounds and their effect on starch digestibility before and after processing. It has been established many different analysis methods based on chromatographic techniques (with different detectors DAD, MS), microscopy, spectroscopy, enzymatic kits, particle size distribution, thermal analysis and viscosity measurements to quantify and characterize fiber and phenols. We have also established methods that simulate digestion in the mouth, stomach, small intestine and large colon in vitro. This is combined with testing of bioaccessibility with different types of cell lines.