I try to use modern technology in food production for a growing population. Questions I look at could be: Can we produce meat in the laboroatory? How to utilize rest material from the food industry? Can we improve the health of the elderly by adding extra protein to their food? Can we produce in vitro meat? Can we culture meat, and can we use rest materials from food industry in the process?
In order to answer these questions I use living cells as model systems. We have established an in vitro bovine cell model system at Nofima, and this can be used to culture meat in the laboratory, to study muscle growth and bioactivity of food additives. I have long experience working with cancer cell biology at Rikshospitalet, and method development at The National Veterinary Institute. I am structured, organized, efficient and independent. One of my strengths is my skills in networking. I highly appreciate team work, and I value both my national and international collaborators.

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Raw materials and process optimization

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