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I am a Senior Scientist in the departement Raw material and process optimization. This competence includes raw material knowledge, rapid and advanced measurement methods (biospektroscopy) and multivariate statistics and data modeling. I have also studied management at BI. I was hired as a researcher at Fiskeriforskning, now Nofima, in 1981, and since 2005 I have held various leadership positions at Matforsk, now Nofima. My area of expertise is how the structure (morphology) and structural changes of muscle of meat and fish are important for tenderness, texture and water binding. I have worked with various microscopic techniques and the use of imaging spectroscopy (micro-FTIR). I am a graduate of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and
took my doctoral degree at the Norwegian Arctic University on water binding properties and muscle microstructure in 1995. The doctorate was partially conducted at SIK, Gothenburg. I have mainly worked with fish, but also have good knowledge on meat products. I have also experience of Mills DA as Director for Innovation for 2 years and I have worked one year as a visiting researcher at INRA in France. Research policy assignments: -Member of Norwegian Research Council reference group for H2020 (SC2); – Member of the steering committee of the National Technology Platform- Food for Life – Chair of working panel-Seafood, Hav21 (Strategies for Seafood research) -Appointment of professor at Swedish university of Agricultural Sciences, SLU. -Membe